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No Kidding, Me Too! is a 501(c)(3) public charity, whose purpose is to remove the stigma attached to brain dis-ease (BD) through education and the breaking down of societal barriers. Our goal is to empower those with BD to admit their illness, seek treatment, and become even greater members of society.

The Goal
Make BD cool and sexy. We want a normal conversation in America to be:

“I have bipolar disorder/schizophrenia/insert dis-ease”

“No Kidding, Me Too!”

Who Has The Stigma
Those suffering from brain dis-eases including anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder,  specific phobias, depression, bipolar disorder,  schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, pyromania, kleptomania, compulsive gambling,  addictions, paranoia, multiple personality disorder, gender identity disorder,  Down\’s syndrome, psychosomatic disorder, traumatic brain injury (TBI), tic disorders, and others.

How Will NKMT Accomplish This?

  • Create strategic partnerships with members of industry, academia, organizations and government to ensure a broad-based spectrum of support and input.
  • Organize the creative talents of our industry professionals to generate messages for various media and use our celebrity status to ensure these messages are heard. The messages will be of  empowerment and acceptance and can include topics as basic as giving job opportunities to those with a brain dis-ease.
  • Coordinate, participate in and generate  interest for national and regional educational events consistent with our goal.

If you would like a printable form download the No Kidding, Me Too! 3-fold brochure which you can print out, complete and mail.


Throughout human history, actors have made their living as entertainers – on stage, the big screen, small screen, even the computer screen. During our journeys, we sometimes encounter roles where the characters exhibit mental issues. Just a quick thought to the most memorable moments in movies and on television over the last century will provide you with many depictions of individuals exhibiting mental illness — almost all encountering seemingly insurmountable barriers.

As artists, what we learn as we become more knowledgeable about mental illness — its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment — is these barriers are not insurmountable and by stigmatizing those with mental illness, we are doing a grave injustice to them, ourselves and all of society.

Our goal is to educate the public about the wonderful possibilities that exist when we break down the societal barriers which hold us all back because we treat those afflicted with mental illness differently — we label them and isolate them. What we passionately want to accomplish is to relieve the weight of millions of people who suffer this isolation.

In our roles as communicators, we have found that by infusing humor into a message — by having a “spoonful of sugar help the medicine go down” — that the message not only grows faster but is retained longer. That is our hope. To use the humor in the name No Kidding, Me Too! to lighten the message, to cause people to remember the name, so when they are ready for the message, they will get it. To pay some recognition to the statistic that one in five adults in this country suffers from a mental illness. To allow people to have a conversation that includes, “…and I’m bipolar.” “No Kidding, Me Too!”

There is an oft-quoted statistic that for every person who is diagnosed with mental illness, eleven loved ones are affected. The immediate short-term result is that the mentally ill person becomes isolated from the outside world because they are deemed unable to “handle” it. And isolation breeds isolation which creates the stigma and discrimination we need to eliminate. The brain is an organ — just like the heart, liver and kidneys — and we need to encourage everyone to treat it as such from both a medical and social perspective.

So we will do what we do best — communicate — in the best way we know how — through humor and direct dialogue — the message that we need to remove the stigma and reap the benefits of a fully integrated society. The message of No Kidding, Me Too! is empowerment — empowering those with mental illness to admit their illness, seek treatment, become even greater contributing members of society and obliterate this stigma.

We know this is a tough fight. We know years of ingrained socialization causes people to recoil or isolate anyone with the scarlet letter of mental illness. Just saying the magic words "mental illness" can cause a deep-seated defensive reaction in many people. However, we also know that by releasing the talents of those with mental illness — by giving them the opportunity to use their outstanding artistic and intellectual skills — we will vastly improve the world. And this is a cause worth supporting. We are ready for the fight and we ask you to please join us in the revolution and help us educate souls all over the world to “Remove the Stigma!”

Joe Pantoliano
Founder & President

Advisory Board

Ed Begley, Jr.
Alan Blomquist
Jeff Bridges
Delta Burke
James Cameron
Christy Cashman
Rachel Leigh Cook
Patricia Cornwell
Vincent Curatola
Andy & Adrianne Davis
John Paul DeJoria
Dana Delany
Matt Dillon
Robert Downey, Jr.
Charles Dutton
Anthony Edwards
Edie Falco
Laurence Fishburne
Bill Fichtner
Tom Fontana
Harrison Ford
Richard Jenkins
Dennis and Joanie Franz
John Gaeta
George Gallo
Devon Gearhart
Jason Gedrick
Gina Gershon
Tony Goldwyn
Joe Greco
Charles Grodin
Marcia Gay Harden
Hill Harper
Michael Imperioli
Samuel L. Jackson
Al Joyner
Christine Lahti
Sarah Lancaster
Ang Lee
Joe Mantegna
Chris and Sherman Meloni
Matthew Modine
Bobby and Barbara Moresco
Pat O’Brien
Joe Pantoliano
Ron Perlman
Gloria Reuben
LaTanya Richardson
Fisher Stevens
Larenz Tate
Wachowski Family
Wendy Walsh
Sam Weisman
Montel Williams
Robin Williams
Terence Winter
Daphne Zuniga

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“By Surrendering To Your Shame, You Obliterate The Blame.”


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